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Marché Central of Montréal : Project presentation
We received from Bentall – Kennedy, property managers for the Marche Central of Montreal, two very important mandates :  Redesign and redo 2 existing irrigation systems and more importantly, choose and implement a centrally controlled irrigation system to maximize the reduction of potable water.  Short presentation of the project, in French for now. Look

Installation of the central control package

What is a centrally controlled irrigation system? What are the possibilities? How does it work?
Here’s a quick overview, in French for now.


Preliminary results for 2011

The dozen systems that were installed at Marche central gave some surprising results. These systems were installed gradually by different contractors through-out the different construction phases.  Their design and installation presented many deficiencies.

This resulted, in a terrible utilisation of potable water, expensive brakes caused by vandalism, not enough water for the precious annuals. Some entire sections were not even connected to the controllers, etc.

Results from 2011 :

1-After our involvement in the project the damages caused by vandalism were reduced dramatically.

2-For the systems that were redone to EcoBleu’s specifications, the annuals were irrigated independantly from the other zones.

We installed a water meter on one of the systems before the work started to measure the quantity of water used. We took readings in may and june prior to our modifications, and again in july and august after our modifications. The results was a savings of 63%.  This was before the installation of pipe break detection and the weather station.

We are expecting water savings to be the 80% range when installation is complete!

As for our test system, we have reduced the daily water consumption from 40,9 m3 to 15,1m3. And we still maintained healthy plants. With a flowmeter installed on each system we will be able to record exact flows for an entire season starting in 2012.

The future is looking very good!

Click here to see the press release from Marche central concerning our work in 2011, or click here to see the response concerning the Level 3 Boma BESt certification.